How To Deal With The Ups & Downs Of Being An Athlete


Being an athlete has its perks, you get to workout and play the sports you love while competing against the best in your league. In sports, there are times you win and there are times you will lose. It is important to keep an open mind and not get too down or get too happy. Some people often times will get into a depression state when they lose. They tell themselves that if they could have done this or that better then they would not have lost. It is important that you learn from your mistakes but you do not want to let it consume you and spend time over thinking and over analyzing. If you happen to be an athlete that gets down, there are several healthy ways to cope with depression. You can think about your next game and plan out how you will not make the same mistake twice. You can think back to the times that you excelled and helped your team win. Focus on the positive and remove the negative from your mind.

I used to know a very good basketball player who would celebrate and kind of be a show off whenever our team one. Whenever our team lost he would actually experience some anxiety. One time we lost a real close game and he actually experienced an anxiety attack on the way home from the game. I went home and searched online how to stop an anxiety attack and I found that talking to the person and telling them to take deep breaths will help calm them down. Being an athlete means you will lose and you will win however it’s how you react and correct the mistakes along the way that shape the type of athlete you become but most importantly they shape the type of person you will become.